Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Craving

I've told the story before, of how The Mister and I both lived in the same exact small town in Pennsylvania, only he moved there and I moved to Michigan. Sigh. Ships in the night. Anyway, it still strikes us from time to time when we get talking about Inge we miss or remember, and it turns out to be the same things!

Flash was off to PA for spring break with his dad and all The Mister and I could think about was how to get him to bring back some of the things we missed most. Dealing with a not-so-amused teenager, we quickly narrowed the list down. We had to threaten, somewhat jokingly, that we wouldn't pick him up from the airport if he didn't bring back our request.

Much to our delight, he humoresques us both (but not the passengers that had to smell hot papers the whole flight!) when he returned hippo me with two sub sandwiches from Wawa!

I'm not sure which we were happier to see, Flash, or lunch!

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