Friday, April 19, 2013

Hats Off

My hat, every single one I own, is officially off to all the military wives out there. I don't know how you do it. The Mister has been away for work for twelve days now. We still have one more to go (37 hours, but who is counting?) and I am a wreck. There are but two things that have kept my whining at a minimum: one, knowing that there are so many military wives out there who don't see their husbands for months, not just a days, and knowing how blessed we are with the job The Mister has. He has worked very hard to climb up a literally gruesome ladder (think: slaughter, butchering...) to get to where he is at. I am grateful. I swear.

But three months in to having finally married my best friend and confidante, I am far from amused with two week stretches of his absence. It doesn't help that he is stuck in Green Bay, Wisconsin in April (think:snow), or that it has rained since he left. And it doesn't help that I know he will be gone again in three far-too-short weeks. Sigh.

My friends think I am crazy. Either they are wishing for a two-week reprieve from their own spouse, or they remind me I am not-so-far removed from my own independent single days. I see their point, at least the second one. Shouldn't this be a cake walk for two people who have been single for years? Some might even think this would be a tremendous help, a way to ease into married life for two independent people. But it is quite the opposite. Having been on our own for so long, having finally found someone we love spending our time with, having become quickly spoiled with daily conversations and nightly bed partners, we hold onto such things with a fierce grip. We know too well what it feels like without it.

We try, the two of us, to focus on the silver linings. The extra money has helped us do some spring projects that would not otherwise have been possible. We look forward to our vacation this summer. We are grateful for email, texting, FaceTime and free long distance calls. And it certainly makes us treasure the days we have when he is home.

For those of you who are separated for months; where a guarantee of a safe return is not promised; who have young children even - my hat is off to you.

For those who know me, for those close enough to know that God has been trying to teach me patience my whole life (and I am a poor student in this class), I promise to keep you apprised of The Mister's travel plans, so you know when to steer clear of me. I will be much better soon.

It sure goes to show how much I love, need and miss this man, that's for certain.

Come home, Chief.

...But I'll be lonely without you
And I'll need your love to see me through
So please believe me
My heart is in your hands
And I'll be missing you

'Cause you know it's you babe
Whenever I get weary
And I've had enough
Feel like giving up
You know it's you babe
Givin' me the courage
And the strength I need
Please believe that it's true
Babe, I love you

("Babe" by Styx)

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