Sunday, December 04, 2011

Why We Moved to Michigan - Reason #416

I was in PA when she got her ears pierced and I cried when she called to tell me all about it.  I'm the aunt, I'm supposed to be there for these sorts of things.  So from the moment she first announced the formal dance and her intentions to go, I knew I wouldn't miss it for the world.  I didn't want to intrude on her plans, but I secretly squealed with glee when she asked if I would help her do her hair for the dance. 

We did a trial run on Thursday, to decide what she liked best and how much time we would need. 

 Last night we curled and sprayed and pinned and styled and Little Bird turned into a beautiful woman right before our eyes.

Her mom helped with some make-up and lent a silver necklace for the occasion. We had to remind her to take out her retainer before she left the house and tucked lip gloss and her cell phone in her coat pocket.

I was grateful (perhaps for the first time) for George's jokes about the who-ha's and the ha-ha's and what he really meant -  the ta-ta's, to help me stave off the tears.     

 I didn't go to see her friends at the pre-party - names I've heard nearly her whole life, girls I've seen at school growing up before my eyes.

 She had a wonderful time, and how could she not? She was the most beautiful bird at the dance.

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