Saturday, December 17, 2011

Out of the Mouths Part 2

"Miss Eliza?"

"Yes, G?"

"I went to that thing where they put the babies in water."

"Where they put the babies in water?  What do you mean, G?"

"You know, where you go and you watch them put all the new babies in water for the first time?"

[silence and a blank stare - from me this time]

"You know...we got dressed up and we went to watch my baby sister get put in the water."

"In a pool, G?"

"Kind of.  Kind of like a bath tub."
"Ooooh, you saw your baby sister get baptized, G?"

"Yeah!  That's it!  Baptized!"

Had I made the connection that he was still thinking about our discussion of churches during the making of our stained glass window craft, I might have caught on a lot sooner to that one.

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