Sunday, December 04, 2011

Relationship Status

"Hey, WG?  I was talking with Jules the other day, running some Christmas ideas for you past her.  She mentioned that it might be easier to know what an appropriate Christmas gift is, if you and I could more concisely define our relationship.  I mean, we're on again, off again, so are we just a couple months from celebrating our first anniversary together or are we just a couple weeks into our relationship?"

"Well, Eliza, I see your sister's point.  I guess earlier tonight I would have said our relationship, in Christmas terms, fells somewhere between giving you a stuffed animal and giving you a new car."

"So, you're saying after our nice dinner out at the jazz club, we can narrow that down a little more?"

"Not so much our dinner out, but when you let me turn on the State game when we got back home, I'd say you've definitely moved up somewhere between a sweater and a new car now."

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Dang it girl! Let him watch all the football he wants to if there is a car in it for you!!! Hahaha :-D