Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And To Think He Even Taught Business and Computer Classes

I have been blogging for what, five years now? And in that time, I've been fairly careful about not using my real name, not giving my exact location, not identifying my son, or the relatives in my life. While I realize it wouldn't take an expert detective to figure out who I am, I at least wanted to give some impression that personal security mattered and if, by chance, someone ever took great offense to my review of a book, works for DirectTV, doesn't appreciate my comments about t-shirt slogans on kids or just thought maggots had more rights than my sister demonstrated, I didn't really want to be an easy target to find.

I've used pseudonyms for all of us. I've mentioned my general location but not the specific town, I've never mentioned where I work by name.

For all any of you know, I'm really a 73 year old Asian man, living in Spain, working for a local Italian restaurant. I'm just sayin'.

And then along comes Dad. Dad, who originally refused to read my blog, I think more because he was afraid of the sexual material, parental rage, secret life I lead, personal things he might learn about his daughter than anything else, but has become a follower to the point that there is no need to actually have a phone conversation with him any longer as his replies to my comments about the happenings in my life is, "I know, I read it on the blog." Dad, who has commented twice maybe thrice after he finally came around to reading regularly. Dad. Who, since I changed the comments to require a registered name, had to register yesterday in order to leave his remarkably witty retort about trash in the freezer.

And knowing that blogging is a security risk, knowing what a protector of sacred information he is, knowing how careful he is with his own identity information, my father comes up with the registrated name of "Roger Wilson" and follows up his note by signing it "Dad".

Yep, that'll fool 'em, Dad. I mean Roger, Mr. Wilson, Trash Cryogenics Expert, Protector of the Innocent Bloggers. Sigh.

And they say I have the least of the common sense in the family!!

(By the way, once you make my blog an icon on your iTouch, you're just fair game for blog material. Be forewarned, Jules, Sis, daughter of Roger, Mrs. Jane Doe, you're next.)

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Myra said...

OK, since the gig's up, Amy...I miss your razor sharp wit. So glad it's available here. Hope to see Flash soon?!