Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Shelter

Last weekend, with the expertise of Bear, and the help of Jules and George, we built Samson and Delilah's shelter.  Bear's wisdom and experience in building was vital for us.  We, as many people know, are a little more of the "Does it look okay?  Then it must be level." kind of people.  

The Mister had many important jobs.  Cookie sampling was one.  Holding the ladder was another.  You can't accuse him of not being able to multi-task!
(And yes, Dad, that is the wooden ladder you bought for Jules and Bear almost 25 years ago.  I believe you remarked at that time that it "wasn't rated for Bear's size.")

Actually, The Mister was very involved in the construction
(once Bear told us what to do so we couldn't screw it up).  

And now, out by the maple tree that I love so dearly, is our shelter.  
We are certain, after this experience, Bear and Jules will not be calling us when they need help with a project.  But we cannot thank them enough for all their help.  We had a great time, we laughed a lot and we have one huge item checked off our list!

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