Sunday, October 09, 2016


The real Delilah!!

The farm where we found Samson (the bull calf) connected us to another highland breeder who had a yearling cow for sale.  She was all the things we were looking for - except that she's in Nebraska!!  After many, many phone calls to other local highland farms, we finally decided we weren't going to get a better option than this beautiful cow!  We bit the bullet, wrote the check and will be having a cow delivered from Nebraska in three short weeks!

This yearling has been to many shows and has been handled by adults and children alike, which is exactly what we wanted.  

So, the first weekend in November is going to be a busy but very exciting one at Someday Farm!  We will be going to get Samson (who was weaned this past week, the poor thing) on Saturday and then having this beautiful cow delivered on Sunday.

Sure makes me want to call in sick that Monday...

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