Saturday, May 14, 2016

Asparagus and Strawberries!

Well, not asparagus yet...

We, well, I have a vision for a huge perennial and vegetable garden, but it is going to happen in very slow stages.  To that end, we are trying to put together some key pieces that take awhile to produce.  We started with one of the most important parts of our garden, the asparagus patch.  We made a raised bed to contain the perennial and planted sprouts I bought last year (and more sprouts I bought this year, which meant I planted a LOT of asparagus sprouts).

I know it's hard to see, but this picture was taken just today and I have LOTS of little "aspara-gi" coming up!  (It really helps if you talk to them, even if The Mister rolls his eyes each time that you do.)  While we wait for these guys to grow (we will eat some next spring), we have two very small wild asparagus patches that we are keeping an eye on.  So far, we've picked four stalks.  It isn't much, but it's something to carry us over!

This is the strawberry patch we put in.  again, it's part of the Big Picture Plan and it, too, will have a shorter bed in front full of something or another.  I got a little carried away ordering strawberry sprouts. so this bed will be full before we know it.  Next year is going to seem like a banner year in the garden!

This is the "overall" view (so far).  There will be a fence, and beautiful walkways lined with bushy perennials and flowers, but for now, we have at least two key components in the ground.  

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