Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Kid

I'd be remiss if I didn't update on the Kid.  He's in his second year at State and is having the time of his life.  He's working hard on academics (3.8 this semester, including a 4.0 in Calculus - a first for his tumultuous history with Calc).  He has a job working for researchers on campus, providing computer programming support.  He has also been offered a TA position for next semester, working with his favorite professor in a class he just completed.  He has leased a townhouse for next year with two of his best friends at State (the other 2/3rds of "The Musketeers") and he and his girlfriend are very happy together.  He is thinking about the future, but not obsessing over it.  He is focused on his academics but finds time to relax and play.  He and his girl are wonderful together, but don't want to rush into anything. 

Sigh.  We raise them to be independent, successful and happy.  It's just the most amazing feeling when they ARE.

That said, this is the same kid who stood with me in the checkout line at the grocery store holding a can of olives that bears the name of dear friends of ours.  "Lindsay olives?!"  he said.  "That is so cool!  I mean, how awesome is it that you KNOW the people who grew these?"  I just stared at my brilliant child.  "I just think it's awesome," he continued, "that they grow these right on their property!"

"They grow grapes, Jacob.  You've been there.  They have a vineyard full of grapes surrounding their home.  Not olives.  Grapes."

"Oh yeah, right.  Grapes."

Sigh.  I suppose no matter how old or successful he gets, we'll still have those moments of our Little Flash, won't we?

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Second Mom said...

Just love hearing about Flash's "highs and lows!"
He makes us smile.