Thursday, December 24, 2015

Going Postal

The Mister's brother is unhappy at work.  He works for the US Postal Service and is ready to retire but has a few more years of frustrating work ahead of him first.  He put a kibosh on our annual exchange of gift cards for Christmas, a move that we did not necessarily support as we wanted to spread a little cheer and joy his way during the season of giving.

To that end, we decided to send some local beverages his direction; a little wine from the local winery for his wife and some beer from our small town brewery for his enjoyment.  The winery was generous enough to even provide me with a great box that would ship both bottles nicely.  :)  I got the package ready and The Mister stopped by UPS on his way home from work one day to mail it.  Going through the long list of shipping-related questions, the clerk asked what was in the box.  The Mister told him, "Wine and beer." To which the clerk responded very coldly, informing The Mister that it is "Illegal!" to ship alcohol.  The Mister, full of holiday cheer, responded by saying, "Then I'll just come back tomorrow, and there'll be a vase in the box."  Ahem.  Probably not the smartest response.  He left, package still in hand.

But when The Mister hears words like, "illegal" he simply translates it into "more challenging".  What does he do?  He goes to the Post Office!  Of course he does.  He avoids the counter and the same litany of questions and goes to the self-service package area where he happily (and quickly) skips through the screens asking him about what he is shipping, adheres the postage and drops the package in the chute. 

Because that's what The Mister does.  He sends an illegal package to a disgruntled postal employee. 

(I must add, that thanks to tracking services, The Mister was also able to revel in the delight of this development by noting when exactly the package arrived at his brother's facility in Cincinnati.  There might be more evil in this man than I originally knew!)

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