Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's the Small Things

 I decided I needed labels for my herbs in my new herb garden.  I have a knack for forgetting what things are sometimes and I thought these would not only serve the practical function of keeping me from looking like an idiot when someone asked me what a particular plant was and would add a bit of decorative flair to the corner garden.  

Of course, an idea like "herb markers" MUST be google'd and then a billion images come up and I have more options than I ever dreamed of!  

The good news was that once I settled on a design I loved, I knew exactly who could help me make them into a Second Mom!!  She does amazing things with a wood burner!  Her beautiful lettering and creative skills were perfect for my rustic labels!  The Mister cut the boards and I, well, I tied the twine!!  
I think they turned out VERY nicely!

Basil is not an herb that I would ever forget as it's one of my faves, but the label looks adorable!

The oregano, spearmint and rosemary all got labels, too.  My Second Mom was kind enough to make plenty of other herb labels for when I get my garden up and running in full force!  

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