Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Misadventures of Faux Flash

Flash left for Burma in June.  There may have been a two- or three- day stupor where I cried and worried and felt the bottomless pit of loneliness.  But then, the doorbell rang.

When I opened the door, I was stunned.  Flash was standing outside my door!

How could this be?  Wasn't Flash on a plane to Burma?
I cautiously opened the door and welcomed  Flash home.

"Flash" made himself at home, relaxing in the recliner...
...and shooting me with his Nerf gun whenever he got the chance.
It was rather nice, having Flash home for the summer!

 His girlfriend was quite surprised to see him at her graduation party!

 She had been so sad that Flash would be away for her celebration, and was creeped out tickled to see him!

 Flash had mad air hockey skills we were unaware of and beat M single-handedly!

 Some friends weren't so happy to see Flash.  They had looked forward to his absence...

...but after he told his favorite party jokes, everyone warmed right up to him!
 Flash helped make pizzas for our traditional movie night dinner. I became a bit suspicious when he tried to add Tobasco to the sauce, but when he piled his pizza high with an odd assortment of ingredients, I knew it was my boy.

Flash picked out the movie - a sci-fi thriller.  He thought it was amazing.

 Papa thought Flash seemed a little "flat" and not his usual self but he appreciated his help fixing the step on the deck.

...And so the summer progressed, with "Flash" eating me out of house and home, and always complaining there wasn't enough food in the house.  Until....

 ...the REAL Flash arrived home today and said, "DIE IMPOSTER, DIE!!"

And Faux Flash died.

But the real Flash is home!!  YIPPEE!!!

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Katrina said...

You guys might be the coolest family I know. I LOVE the adventures of Faux Flash! Too bad real Flash killed him. Think of the possibilities; Faux Flash could have gone to class, taken tests, and done chores in Flash's place while he went out and had fun!