Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's been hectic.  We're at the end of the second marking period, with conferences just two short weeks away.  Yesterday I spent the day assessing my students for report cards - all the while a terrible sub was wreaking havoc on my daily routine and classroom procedures.  Today I was in an all-day meeting that basically reiterated that despite spending 80 hours a week on school work (including more than 10 hours last weekend just assembling books) I still have a to-do  list miles long and there are many more things I "should" be doing to get my students' scores up.  Sigh.

Tonight Flash had a band concert.  With last minute notice and a duplicate concert two nights from now, neither of us were too excited about going, but we did.  I dropped Flash off at the band room at the appointed hour before call time and sat myself in an auditorium seat with notebook and student scores, ready to rearrange my reading groups, pair up students for partner reads and brainstorm other ways to get more "miles on the page".  I closed my notes and put my pencil down when the first band began playing, but picked it back up in between performances to jot down a few more ideas that ran through my head during the performance.

When Flash's Symphonic Band performed, I tried to soak it all in.  The songs weren't mean to be necessarily entertaining, but were chosen instead to be challenging in various ways in order to receive high marks at festival this weekend.  While enjoyable, the concert didn't have the usual flair.  The conductor began the second piece without introduction and it took me several measures before the well-known lyrics rang through me - "It is well....with my soul...."  I closed my eyes and just let the music wash over me.  The piece was a beautiful arrangement and the band performed it well.  I chuckled to myself, thanking God and all 130 band members for the message I most needed to hear tonight.

Note:  I'd like to say I came home and felt rejuvenated, but I made the mistake of stopping by WalMart of all places to get Flash some much-needed cold medicine.  Stopping by WalMart does not keep things "well with my soul" to say the least.  I don't know what it is about that store, but it is always a lesson in frustration management.

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