Friday, July 01, 2011

Uncle Who?

It's the Fourth of July at summer school reading camp and we had a variety of fun activities that adeptly disguised reading to make the kids feel like it was a day full of nothing but fun while still teaching a little by incorporating many of our traditionally American activities and songs. We made flags and sang patriotic athems around our pretend campfire; we made graham crackers look like American flags with icing, licorice and blue sprinkles; we played relay races that involved spelling patriotic words correctly. At our station, we played Bingo, and I asked the students to identify the 4th of July words on their page by giving hints about syllable types or stealer letters or whether they were compound words, proper nouns, etc. There were a few pictures, clip art style on their Bingo boards as well, which prompted one third grade boy to say, "I just need this German guy and I have Bingo!"

Ahhh, I see we have much teaching left to do...

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