Friday, July 29, 2011

Two Reasons I'm so Glad it Wasn't Our First Date

I took WG out to dinner and a movie tonight. Not being a TV watcher, I'm completely out of touch with what is playing on the big screen, so I took a recommendation from some girlfriends and headed off to the cinema for the lastest comedy without knowing much of anything about the movie we were about to see. Let's just say, I sat through the entire film with my hand over my mouth and my eyes bugging out of my head in complete shock. I could not believe what was being said, done or implied on the big screen. I spent the rest of the evening apologizing profusely for having chosen such a film. WG was perhaps equally embarrassed and entertained by the situation, but knew me well enough to know this wasn't at all like me, or my sort of a film.

Scared after that experience to choose a new restaurant for fear it might be a strip club in disquise, we went with a familiar place and sat in the lobby waiting for a table. As a couple entered the door, I commented quietly to WG that they didn't seem to go together at all. The man had tattoos all up and down his arm, and the woman was dressed in a cutesy outfit, including a sunflower barrett in her hair. They ended up sitting next to us to wait and it didn't take us long to realize they were on a first date. It was all WG and I could do to contain ourselves. The woman talked incessantly while they waited. Telling the man about her recent move to the area, having quit her job, left her home and everything she owned back in Ohio, she moved up here, moved in with her mom and is starting over. She talked about her son, and how she doesn't have custody exactly, but had guardianship and she's trying to hold that over her ex's head as though she might request custody at any point (heaven help the child). She talked and talked and talked and the man just sat and nodded without getting a word in. WG and I were trying to devise a plan to help the poor lad escape an entire dinner of this train wreck when they called us to our table.

As we ate, we laughed about the movie experience and the eavesdropping in the lobby and both of us were so thankful that we were not out on a first date together. I cannot imagine what impression he might have had of me had this movie been our first date instead of "True Grit". And I am glad that neither of us are living with our parents, without a job, without custody of the children we have and without a clue that we are a mess and should not be seeking a relationship at this point.

While Date Night didn't go quite as smoothly as I had hoped (who knew that Winnie the Pooh might have been the best choice afterall?) we had a great time tonight.

I just hope he'll still call me tomorrow.


Katrina said...

Any chance of you telling us what the movie was so we won't make the same mistake? :)

Amy said...

The movie was "Horrible Bosses". Several of my friends thought it was hysterical, so perhaps I'm just far more prudish than the average Jane, but I found it quite offensive. I'm still kind of shocked that this kind of language and humor is that mainstream.

Jennifer said...

I felt that way when hubby & I went to see The Hangover 2. Granted, I saw the 1st, but I seriously don't remember it being as crude/vulgar as the 2nd one. I was grossed out and irritated, while hubby rolled his eyes at me. We generally like the same types of movies - and yes, he enjoys a good chick-flick every now & then, and I can stomach SOME of "his" movies too - but we were definitely on opposite sides of the fence with this particular film. Have to say I have wanted to see "Horrible Bosses", but now, maybe not :-/