Monday, June 20, 2011

There Wasn't a Hallmark Card for It

Dear Mr. WG:

It has been the findings of this group that while you are not legally bound nor biologically tied to any children of your own, you have met (and exceeded) the expectations for “Dadliness” in all of the following major areas:

• Being able to grill
• Being able to grill well
• Heck, just being able to cook extraordinarily well
• Driving a way-cool vehicle
• Having a fantastic sense of humor (read that: “able to make Mom laugh when she’s mad at the kid”)
• Going to sporting events
Enjoying sporting events
• Saying yes when Mom says no
• Being hard-working
• Attending church with us
• Jumping in and adding to the family traditions (Holy Toledo! Ooohh...Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana let me say it once again...Nothing Runs Like a Deere!)
• Acting like a kid yourself sometimes
• Having fun toys (aka big, green tractors)
• Letting the kid play with the fun toys
• Not freaking out like Mom as the kid plays with the fun toys
• Able to admit your own fears (even if it is of silly snakes)
• Being instructional with said kid – especially in the area of successful dating tips and "Char-grilling Avoidance"
• Being helpful in a pinch or on a Tuesday, or whenever Mom can’t figure it out
• Having an appreciation for messy destruction (especially of plants)

Thus, it is the judgment of this organization that your application for “Daditude” be approved. Today shall henceforth be spent celebrating in your honor! Congratulations!

--The Parental Presidium (aka Flash and Mom)

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