Monday, February 28, 2011

I Swear She Isn't Drunk

It's a horrible picture - her hair was in beautiful ringlet curls at the start of the evening, but this was taken after they have danced, and in the cold of the evening- it's my gansta boy and his beautiful girl.
And yes, she did ask him to wear his hat to the dance.
(Before he left to go to the dance, I talked with Flash about dancing with her - and suggested he take his hat off when he slow danced. He was baffled by the thought and asked where on earth I thought he would put his hat if he took it off. I suggested he hold his hat in the hand that was on her back when they danced. When he was back home afterwards, he put his hat on the coffee table and I commented that it looked like it had been stepped on. He said, "No, it's crinkled from when I held it against her back." Apparently he needed a demonstration as to how to hold a hat BY THE BRIM and not just crush it against your date's back. But I think it is safe to say he would crush the hat all over again to dance with her once more.)


M said...

Such an adorable couple! Your son seems like a really good kid.

Jennifer said...

The title made me laugh out loud :) Such a cute couple!