Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Boys

It's not every day you invite your ex-husband from several states away to spend the night. The boys are off to explore Chicago - a hometown to Flash's dad, J, and so it worked out to just have J stop by here to pick up Flash en route. I won't say it didn't feel a little odd at times, but I'm the one who moved far away and if I can help make it easier (and cheaper) for Flash to spend time with his dad, well, then, I will. A special Father's Day indeed.
Who can deny those smiles? Look out Chi-town, here comes trouble!


stacy said...

what a great father/son shot. he looks really happy to see flash.

Myra said...

You are a blessing, my dear friend. And when you can choose to be one, you wear the garments of Christ. Continue to live so openhandedly. I know good things are ahead for you! How's the garden?
That young man you are growing is learning grace and laughter and responsibility from you! What a gift you are!!!