Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Published With Permission

We were just chatting after school while I checked email and graded some papers. I didn't even realize we were dancing around an issue until he said, "I'll tell you at dinner." I stopped and looked at Flash trying to discern if the topic was going to be a good one or not. "Why not just tell me now?" I asked. "Nope. I've got it all planned out. It will have to wait for dinner." I tried to get him to budge, but clearly the topic was off-limits until I had food on the table.

I got up and went to the kitchen to cook.

When there was food in front of him, Flash said with a coy smile, "HALT!" - our phrase for Highs and Lows and Thankfulness at the table. I gave him a "mom-look" and said my low of the day was that I had to wait to hear whatever Flash's great news was. We both chuckled. Flash's low had something to do with Science (I think. It's all a little fuzzy now.)

We moved right on to highs as my brain began thinking through to possibilities. I had already figured out that since it was Tuesday and Tuesdays meant English gifted class with the Object of His Affection, I had no doubt the news had something to do with The Girl. The smile on his face confirmed it. I gave him a look.

"Well, it's official, Mom. I've kissed my first girl. And it was way better than how you said your first kiss with a boy was."

"What did you do, kiss her in class?!" I asked, almost afraid to know the answer.

"No! We all went to the WMU library today in class to do research for our conspiracy-theory papers and so..."

" took her back into the stacks and kissed her. I see how you work."

Flash laughed. He was full of confidence and courage and he was officially wearing the shield of nothing-can-harm-me-because-a-girl-digs-me. It was cute. I have to admit.

I know this means the world to Flash. It's a milestone he's been anxiously hoping for and he's just tickled to have finally arrived.

I don't expect for one minute that I'll be privvy to many more of such milestones (and I'm thankful for that). But it was a special and sweet moment with my boy. I hope it's a long while before his heart gets broken.


Katrina said...

How sweet!

stacy said...

i'm picturing a cute 13 year old girl in braces wearing an alien-blocking tin foil cap... very cute! teehee.

Jennifer said...

Well, you took that in stride, and I'm impressed! I'm not so sure I want to hear about my son's first kiss, or first anything for that matter. He'll always be my baby and I can't imagine being excited for him when his heart to turns to another female :( *sniff*