Tuesday, March 09, 2010

As If The Evening Hadn't Been Emotional Enough Already

We were at the house of a dear friend the other night, for my church small group. It had been a tough discussion and my friend and I had sat afterwards talking (and crying) through some of the tough stuff I was struggling with, not the the least of which involved my desire for someone wonderful to come into our lives. Flash had spent the evening corrupting the minds of small children, namely my friend's two youngest, two boys aged four and two.

As we were leaving, my friend thanked Flash for coming along and playing with the little ones. It's no small thing to her that he comes along to help with the kids when the other teenage boys get together at another house for the evening. Flash shook off the compliment with a typical teenage, "no problem," and then stopped to say to her how he envied her six year old son.

Caught off guard, my friend looked at Flash quizzically, wondering how it could be that Flash might say such when it was obviously her six year old who is completely enraptured with Flash.

"You're jealous of K?" she asked Flash.

"Absolutely." He replied in all seriousness. "I'm envious because K has a little brother."


Jennifer said...

A little stab to the heart, huh???? So sorry Amy - wish I knew what to say....um....need a surrogate?? :)

stacy said...

love you, amy! i am off to email you... what happened to february?! we are half way through march! i've been missing our conversations!