Friday, February 26, 2010

On The Way Home

On a cold, blustery, winter day, with snow blowing all around and the wind chill, well, chilly...I thought it was prudent to stop and get gas on the way home. Besides, Flash was in the car with me which meant I didn't even have to get out at the pump.

While the boy froze, generously helped his mother, I was in the warm car listening to the radio. I'm a dial flipper, so the fact that the announcer was talking and I hadn't changed stations yet is a miracle in itself. He said something about being down the street handing out Birthday Bash tickets. Nothing I was interested in. But then he added, "We also have Martina McBride tickets for next Thursday night."

When Flash got back in the car and we drove off towards home, I asked if he would have any interest in seeing Martina in concert. He quickly shook his head and gave me one of those teenage looks that said, "If my mom likes the singer, I don't, duh." And so I dropped it.

For a block or two.

Then I picked up my cell and called my sister. "Would you have any interest in seeing Martina McBride in concert and could you be free next Thursday?" I asked. While she flipped her calendar and told me how she had just been talking about what a good concert that would be that morning with George at the bus stop, I turned my car around and headed back to where the man had said he was handing out tickets. Flash made it perfectly clear that not only was he NOT going to this concert with me if I did get tickets, but he was NOT going to be the one to go and ask some dude for tickets.

She said she'd love to go if I got tickets and so I parked the car and left it running while Flash shook he head at his crazy amazing mother. I approached the two men standing outside the restaurant cautiously. "Do you perchance" I asked, afraid I was looking like a fool. There was no radio van, no indication that there was anyone there with anything to give away. Just a stretch limosine parked in front. The guys smiled at me and said, "Yep." I said, "Martina tickets?" knowing I wasn't much interested in the Birthday Bash. "Yep!" The first guy answered and headed to the limo. He returned with two tickets to the concert and three cd's, telling me I could also choose a CD if I wanted to.

I wasn't sure what CD. The only artist I knew was Miranda Lambert, and while the guy said he had heard it was a good one, Miranda is always p.o'ed at men, and so I chose a Josh Thompson CD instead.

I returned to my car and sent a text to my sister, "I have two tickets!"

So, tomorrow night, Flash and I are off to see Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum. Next Thursday my sister and I will head back to see Martina McBride and Trace Atikins - for free! What a great week!!

All this AND a tank of gas I didn't pump!

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