Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I know I need different curtains, and I only hung pictures where they left nails in the walls (for now) but it's a start.

from the living room, looking into the den/sunroom/piano room

ah, paint samples on the fireplace. Yep, already got the itch.

This wallpaper will.come.down soon! I'm just not sure what I'm going to do for color in this room.

looking back to the front door from the den/sun/piano room

from the den/sun/piano room, looking across the living room. You can see the bathroom door. To the left is Flash's room. To the right the guest room.

The Guest Room.

The Guest Room. (This was my bed, but it won't fit upstairs with the slanted ceilings. Fine by me, I'm hoping not to sleep on a 3/4 sized bed for my whole adult life. For now, I have the mattress and box springs upstairs, though.)

The downstairs bath.

Looking into the kitchen from the living room. On the very left of this picture you can see the stairs that go up to the master suite.

Obviously, the kitchen.

My room. It's the whole upstairs. Ironically, Bear helped to refinish this room many years ago.

more of my room, including a peek into the bath.

Flash's room. Okay, no, not really. I took this picture when we were moving in. He had to keep his room cleared out so the furniture could all be put in place, so he camped out in his closet to do his homework. I don't have a current picture of his room because it's a pit. (Shocking, I know!)

The back of the house.

More of the back, including the back of the garage.

Looking back. The fencing with the beautiful (gag) green will be REPLACED with a white picket fence per the neighbor's daughter. How sweet is that?


Hillary said...

Oh my goodness! Your house is SO cute! And bright! And GOOD GOLLY, what a fabulous yard! Yaaaaay!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I *love* your house. Love.

Katrina said...

It's perfect! I love it! Congratulations...what a blessing it is to have your own home and love to fill it with. *hugs!*

Mig said...

Simply BEAUTIFUL! You are truly blessed! Congratulations.

jenny said...

Amy! Amyamyamyamy! It is awesome! I love it all. I'm so happy for you guys! Congratulations!