Sunday, June 14, 2009

We've Come a Long Way - But Not Really

Flash has had some issues in the past few months. Mainly a lack of tenacity to see a job through to completion, and a lack of a good work ethic. He has little desire to actually do a job well. The computer has been the main culprit, as he'd like to watch Netflix while he cooks dinner (causing many issues). And he'd rather be on the computer than edit his journals for gifted class, etc. So I added some parental controls on his computer until he can demonstrate in various ways that he can actually put his whole self into doing a good job, and he could see it through until the end. Flash has a week until he leaves for the summer and is trying to earn his full computer privileges back before he leaves. Nothing like a deadline to help motivate. But he still only tries in spurts to earn it back. About the time his computer boots him off for the night he is reminded that he should have demonstrated hard work and thoroughness to earn it back.

He's recently taken on cleaning the car. I thought it was a good way to show hard work and thoroughness. Only he got it half done and quit. Until he just remembered his computer is about to boot him off again and won't let him on again tomorrow until after 3. So, here it is, Sunday night and Flash is out "finishing" the job. (I have come to learn to use that term loosely.)

I'm in the house doing laundry and picking up the living room and I get an instant message from Flash. He's no more than 10 yards out the front patio door, but I get an instant message. And I respond and we go back and forth a few times until I realize, he's instant messaging me from the car. When I asked (through messenger) just why he took his computer with him to clean the car, he said, "because it has music on it my ipod doesn't."

Seems to me when we used to wash the car, we just took the ol' boom box out in the drive and played the radio. Now you apparently take your computer out, set it up in the back seat and play tunes. The bonus? You can still instant message through the wireless.

And he continues to wonder just why it is that he can't seem to do a job thoroughly.

(Note #1: Flash's latest IM - "Did you know you can erase super idelible bird poop with a pencil eraser?" Um, no.)

(Note #2: The neighbor just stopped by and told Flash he could do his car, too. Then commented that Flash had wireless out there and acted like that was just the most normal thing in the world. Of course this is the neighbor that allows his dog to torment Eli to no end. We don't put much stock in the intelligence of this neighbor.)

(Note #3: I had a good chuckle yesterday when I was talking with my Dad about Flash's visit next week. My dad was reminding me that they have plenty of computers there so Flash really doesn't need to bring his. True, if only you had his itunes and all of his games. I'm not sure you want Flash for a week without his technology nearby. He starts to twitch after about an hour. Although if he doesn't earn his privileges back, it might be a moot point.)

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