Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Last Day

Things to do today:

1. Get medical release notarized.
2. Get Flash a haircut.
3. Get swim goggles, sunscreen and strap on sandals.
4. Go to the library to pick up a read aloud book for Summer School on Monday.
5. Write up a few writing prompts for this week's summer school lessons.
6. Do Flash's laundry.
7. Double check Flash's packing to make sure it includes swim trunks, toothbrush and the sunscreen we just bought.
8. Get boarding pass, copies of important documents and his id's all in one secure location in his luggage.
9. Give Flash a little spending money and remind him it's not to be spent on itunes.
10. Celebrate/mourn Flash's departure for the summer with one last pizza and movie night.

It's always with mixed emotion that I send Flash away for his summer. I know he will be loved and safe everywhere his journey takes him, but I know I will miss him, too. I'm excited about his summer plans; a week in TN, time in Pittsburgh with grandparents, a week at missions camp with his church youth group and then off to see his dad for several weeks in Philly before he flies back home at the very end of August. We will celebrate his return home then as well, and kick off the school year - his last as a middle schooler - but for now, we'll do these last minute preparations and I'll pray that he is spiritually ready, that his manners are ingrained, that his intentions are good and grounded and that his attitude is one of joy and cooperation. And tomorrow I will send him off.

Sigh. Our last day. We'd better get started!

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