Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What You Didn't Know

Whether it's on the porch, couch, in the car or at the counter eating together, we are often side by side.  Even seated at a table in a restaurant, we always sit in adjoining seats.  I only realized today when we chose a booth at lunch, how rarely I sit directly across from you.

The restaurant was all-but deserted, which meant my people-watching was limited to the man seated across from me.  That's not a complaint in the least, in fact, it felt more like a date than a quick bite on a Tuesday afternoon while we were out for a Jeep ride.

It was your eyes that caught my attention.  While I know they are green, they seemed today to be especially iridescent.  Maybe it was the blue of your shirt, or the sunlight through the window, I don't know, but they just seemed to have more than the usual amount of twinkle.  The well-earned laugh lines touch me to my core.  I always wanted someone to grow old with, and those beautiful lines are evidence that you are doing that very thing with me.

Your face is full of sunshine - a mix of tan and pink from the sun.  You lift your cap just the way my granddad used to - the only other farmer I ever loved.  Your arms, full of poison ivy and raspberry scratches will always mark you as a hard working man.  Your already-worn ring gives the impression that we've loved each other far longer than we have - a sentiment I've felt since the day I met you.

You eat with passion.  Every morsel is savored, and you have this look when a particularly delicious bite touches your lips.  With the simplest of lines, "I would never abandon a sandwich!" you make me laugh from the pit of my soul.  Your humor is easy, fun and welcomed.

These are the moments I hope to remember forever, the feelings I wish I could bottle.  This is how I fall in love with you again and again.

And you thought we were just having lunch.

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