Sunday, May 07, 2017

Out On a Ledge

The Mister noticed the beginnings of this nest a couple weeks ago when he was working on the hot tub.  We thought it might be a barn swallow at the time.

Watching the last several days, I think it's a Phoebe bird, but when I saw the egss were brown today, I'm not so sure. (My book says the eggs of the Eastern Phoebe are white.)  Today, a cold, windy spring day with frost warnings out for tonight, a caught momma sitting on her nest.  I am in awe of the architectural skill necessary to create a nest on such a tiny ledge of a window! 

The view from above was even more amazing!  How many trips must this bird have taken with a bit of twig or grass or moss in its mouth to build this masterpiece?  
And five sweet little eggs inside!
I left quickly, so momma would come back and keep those eggs warm!

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