Saturday, February 04, 2017

Celebrating the Beginning

All great "How You Met" stories have some embarrassing element, and ours is no different.  We got started because The Mister's roommate called him a pussy.  He had had a crappy day, a crappier week and he didn't feel like going out to the pub and hanging with the usual people.  His roommate didn't take "No" for an answer.  He called The Mister a pussy and pissed him off enough that he finally agreed just to get his roommate off his back and ended up on a bar stool next to me.

As my story goes, I had had a pretty crappy day as well, which made for two of the most unlikely characters for this love story, but love story it is.

The rest of our "How We Met" is equally as remarkable.  Having unknowingly lived within two miles of each other in Pennsylvania several years before always gives us pause, as we wonder how many times we might have messed up God's plan for us to meet until He finally just decided a pub in Michigan was just as good a place as any.

All I know is, six years after that fateful night, The Mister still has renovation plans - only now they are for OUR house.  The Jeep is still parked in the garage, only now I drive it every day.  We still tell each other about our jobs, our families and our dreams, only now it's over dinner at the table or lying in bed at night, side by side.  He still makes me laugh  And I love this man more than I ever knew was possible.

Happy "Day We Met" Anniversary, Chief!!  

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