Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday At the Farm

"Whatcha got in your pocket?"

If you hold the apples up high...

...Delilah will lick your beard to make sure she got every last bit.  
(Only The Mister would let her do this!)

Cutie Pie Samson.  He didn't seem to like the new treats I bought for him (Delilah thought they were pretty yummy, thought).  Apples are still the big hit.  He is getting much tamer, though. 

While we were hanging with the cows, a Great Blue Heron flew over.  I thought it was a sandhill crane until I looked at the picture later.  I've seen a heron a few times out back as well.  This one took off from our pond and circled over the house, so I wonder if this is the same one. 

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