Saturday, December 03, 2016

Hey Teacher! Leave Them Kids Alone!

The Mister and I share the same Spotify account.  While this makes for some interesting "suggestions" from Spotify regarding songs we might like (when I give a thumbs up to the likes of Anna Nalick, Sarach McLaughlin and One Republic, The Mister is creating playlists of Hank Williams, Sr., Johnny Cash and Guns and Roses), overall, the shared account works great and saves us money.  The Mister listens to his account at work from time to time or if he's out in the barn working.  I might play some music on the weekends while I bake or clean, so there are few times when we both might want to play something.


This week, my students started writing fairy tales.  I used to have a whole playlist of Disney fairy tale songs on my iPhone, but since switching to Droid and Spotify, I had to resort to a "Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Songs" playlist for my kids to listen to during writing.  As it turns out, The Mister had been driving to another plant to grade cattle when his music was suddenly interrupted and changed to fairy tale songs.  It took him a moment to realize that my use of the Spotify account had booted him off while he was jamming to Van Halen.

The following day I shared with my students this story, eliciting many giggles from the eight year olds about Mr. James having to listen to fairy tale music instead of his rock and roll songs in his truck.  When it came time for writing again, and I picked up my phone to play more fairy tale music on Spotify, the whole class hushed and waiting for the ping that announced a text from Mr. James.  "What did he say?" they all shouted.  I replied, "Mr. James says, 'Again!?!?  Really!?!?', which made them all giggle even harder.

Later in the afternoon, with hopes to once again foil Mr. James, my class asked if I would play some music.  I responded by reminding them that we had our turn, and perhaps we should allow Mr. James some time to listen now.  While a lesson in cooperation and taking turns was appropriate, I was truly just afraid that The Mister might boot us off and my class might suddenly be listening to refrains of"We Don't Need No Education..." a joke he would surely find hysterical but my principal might not.

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