Sunday, November 06, 2016

When the Cows Come Home

Delilah arrived yesterday morning.
She was glad to be out of her trailer and into a fresh, new pasture!

While it will take some time for her to get to know us (and us to get to know her!) she didn't mind an offering of sweet grain from The Mister, nor some brushing by me!

Much to our surprise, she spent quite a bit of time in the shelter.  Every highland farm we visited said a shelter was nice, but the cattle rarely (if ever) use it.  Delilah sure seemed to enjoy it.

She also loved the hay that The Mister had put out for her.  She'll get a big round bale when we open up the full pasture for her, but she didn't mind this small offering.  Of course the first thing she did was show The Mister that hay isn't supposed to be neatly contained!  She pulled quite a bit out and spread it out as if to say, "Now THIS is what a farm looks like!"

She took a look at those maple leaves...

...and decided SHE loves Maple as much as I do!!

My new favorite cow under my favorite tree.

Delilah and Maple

My favorite look! (So far!)

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Second Mom said...

Welcome to our first grandcow! She is a beauty!