Thursday, March 06, 2014

How I Came To Give Up Tropical Fruit for Lent

Arriving home at quarter to ten after a very long day at work, I lamented to The mister that I had yet to figure out what to give up for Lent.  "I thought about giving up soda again, but I had a Diet Coke at ten this morning, so that idea is out.  I thought about giving up sweets, but I grabbed a candy bar on my way to the basketball game tonight in lieu of dinner.  I thought about giving up flour, but I had a leftover dinner roll with my salad at lunch today.  Sigh.  I don't know what to give up this year!"

"How about giving up popcorn?  You love popcorn!" suggested my non-practicing Catholic husband.

"Yeah, well, I had popcorn at the basketball game."

"Ah, well, there goes that idea.  How about grad school?!" he joked.

"While I would LOVE to give up grad school, that' snot very feasible at this moment.  But I like your thinking!   I guess the only thing left for me to give up for Lent!" I teased back.

"Sex?!?  Wait, there must be another option!" he quickly replied.  "Have you had an orange today?"

"An orange?" I asked.  "Um, no.  But I don't eat a lot of oranges, so that wouldn't really be much of a sacrifice..."

"Well, then, how about all tropical fruits?!"

"All tropical fruits?!?  You think I should give up tropical fruits for Lent?!?"

"Well, it's a better option than giving up sex, that's for sure!"

"So when I get to the Pearly gates, I am going to have to look my Maker in the eye knowing that I gave up tropical fruits for Lent."

"I think He will be very proud of you."

I can always count on The Mister to make me laugh, and tonight he did just that, just when I needed it most.  It' swell worth the sacrifice of pineapple on my pizza or a clementine in my lunch to laugh with The Mister.

Tropical fruits?!?

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