Sunday, September 01, 2013

Call It the Cuervo Edition

I saw this commercial, maybe you've seen it too.  It's for some new schnazzy refrigerator.  There's some guy at a dinner party who is apparently a "rocket surgeon" who, despite his amazing intellect, has trouble finding the sparkling water in the door of the fridge, because it is on the outside of the door, where the regular water and ice usually are.  In any case, the fridge in the ad is amazing, no doubt, and probably costs more than a room full of furniture, but the thought that keeps coming to my mind is...

...if that woman can have snooty sparkling water come out the dispenser on her fridge door, why couldn't I have tequila come out of mine?  I mean, potAYto, potAHto, right?  And with the new school year starting and twenty SEVEN kids in classroom, I can see how easy-access-tequila might be a selling point for me in a fridge.

Just sayin'. 

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