Friday, August 30, 2013


The Mister is in Pennsylvania.  He was sent there for work, with three days notice to return to his former plant for two weeks.  We were all particularly bummed as we would have enjoyed all being in PA together, but it didn't work out that way.

Today, he called me after work and asked for directions to our old house.  He found it with ease, a mere two and a half miles from where he used to live.  He went to dinner at a restaurant he used to frequent that I had been near a million times, but I had never eaten there.  Tomorrow he is going to the flea market famous in our old town, and he plans to drive around a bit and see what's new in the three years since he moved here.  We already know of several changes in the seven years since I moved away from there.

It is so very strange, to think of how close we came to meeting there.  We overlapped by only a couple months, really, but still...we have to wonder...

And while I might wish beyond wishes that we had met far sooner than we did, at the end of the day, we are just so thankful that we met at all.  He is glad to not be working at that plant any longer, and we are both happier here than there.  So he will eat his fill of cheesesteaks (and one more just for me) and he will return home with Wawa sandwiches, and we will talk about all that has changed.

And we will know, beyond a doubt, that God wanted us to meet each matter how hard we made it on Him!