Friday, June 14, 2013

For the First Time in Eight Years

...I will have the same job next year.  I have progressed from editor, manager, substitute, computer teacher, parapro, third grade, first grade, second grade and now for the first time, I will remain in the same room, in the same building and teach the same grade level.  Not only have I obviously made a significant change in my career path, but in the middle of all of that, we relocated back to the Midwest from the East Coast.  As if that isn't enough, I became a married woman this winter and a graduate student this spring.

So forgive me for lingering on my deck this summer.  For sitting idly with The Mister, looking out over the garden.  Allow me the first week-long vacation in Tennessee with The Boy, The Mister and our family.  Let me perfect a broccoli/cauliflower slaw, learn how to dry homegrown herbs, and discover sweet antique shops when we go Jeepin' with the top down.  Let me play cards, drink wine, host barbecues, and throw a baseball with my husband.  Let me listen to the birds, the crickets and my teenager. 

Certainly there is still grad work to do, and a mile-long list of classroom ideas and projects to conquer.  There's a house that could use a good cleaning and a garage sale that needs planning.  There's money to be saved and pounds to be lost.  

But it can wait.  This time is a gift.  These are moments I need to savor.  In a year, The Boy will be gone, our talks of moving might become more sincere, our plans more future focused.  Today there is a deck and a chair.  Reflection and contentment.  Nature and peace.

Today, I am grateful. 

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