Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flash - Still Earning His Name

Flash did a great job with Christmas gifts this year.  He had made a note, quite awhile ago, that I wanted an immersion blender and bought  me a beautiful Cuisinart hand blender for the holiday.  It's been sitting on the counter, waiting for its inaugural use when Flash decided that chocolate malts sounded good the other night.  He decided this was a great opportunity to try out our new device.

Flash was concerned that I would be upset if I wasn't the first to use it, but I assured him I didn't mind in the least and was sure he could handle the simple wand functions.

From the kitchen a few minutes later I heard, "Crap!" with enough emphasis to cause alarm on my part.

"Everything okay, Flash?"  I inquired from the other room.

"Yes, but I owe you a mug."  A sentiment reflecting the house rule that if you chip or break one of my new dishes, you owe me two of the same item in restitution.

"What?  You chipped a mug?!"

"Yeah, well, the blender is a bit tricky.  Where's that big tumbler you had a few months ago?  The one with the polka dots on it?  That would be perfect."

"Flash, I have no idea whatever happened to that tumbler.  Why on earth did you use a china mug to blend a malt in?"

"It's the only thing I could find that the blender would fit down into.  Which, obviously it didn't do well.  Maybe I'll try a wide-mouthed jar."

"Flash, there has to be a...."

"Oh, wait.  Ha.  Yeah, okay, so apparently the blender comes with a tumbler...."

Those darn tumblers just hide so well in the box...

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