Monday, August 01, 2011

Fairweather Fan?

I've admitted many times, I totally jumped on the Red Sox bandwagon. I had been a fan of the Mariners for many years, until my cousin retired from the team. When the Red Sox beat the dreaded Yankees in such beautiful fashion in 2004, I knew exactly who my new team would be. Bandwagons be darned, I am a Red Sox fan to the death now.

But the Pats? I've liked the Pats since I first got into football. The friend that got me hooked on professional football (I wonder if he has any idea the monster he created?!) was a Patriots fan and so cheering for them came naturally. I've been a fan of the Pats for the good and the bad.

That said, OCHOCINCO!?!?!? I mean, swallowing the idea that Haynesworth was joining the team was enough to make me choke, but Ochocinco?! The man who can't even translate his number correctly ("ochocinco" means "eight five" in Spanish) is now going to play for my beloved Pats?! I know Belichick has made questionable moves in the past that later that turned out to be genius, but I fear this is as logical as spygate. What is the man thinking?!?!

I'm appalled. I'm stunned. I'm not at all sure how to root for my team now. I love my New England boys, but OCHOCINCO?!?


I've spent all these months wondering if there will even BE football this year and then after exhaling, I find out this. I'm not sure if I'm ready for some football now.

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