Monday, May 30, 2011

For The Love of the Game

Sunday at the park.

Great seats behind home plate.

The boys I love out in the field. Ahhh, summertime!


Gotta love the man.

It's tough being Big Papi. Kickin' back in the dugout, letting Youk be DH for the day.

Varitek was in the dugout, too. The Captain was taking the day off from behind the plate.

Gonzalez at first.

And who doesn't adore Pedroia?

Cabrera hit a home run (this is the actual swing) -
much to the delight of the Tiger's fan man to my left (WG).

Tekkie in action - headed out to the bullpen to warm up Papelbon for the ninth.

The Tigers tried to make a game of it, all tied up 3-3 in the 8th,
until Papi comes in to pinch hit and POW!! HOME RUN!!

Rounding third!

A step on the plate and his famous point to the skies.

All in a day's work for Papi. His job here was done.
Time for a drink and more laughs on the bench.

The man to my left (WG) might have preferred a different outcome and the soon-to-be man to my right (Flash) would have preferred another over-priced hot dog, some frozen lemonade, a soda and some ice cream, but we all agreed it was a great day at the ballpark!

Just in case this match doesn't work out...

Here's hoping 'Tekkie will leave a light on for me.

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