Thursday, May 06, 2010

For Those Who Think It's a Cake Walk

I have a profile on Plenty of, which is a free internet dating site. I refuse to pay to meet someone online (I think it's a lame way to meet people, but since I'm not meeting them any other way...) so there it is.

Just so you marrieds have an idea of what it's like on the other side of the fence, I thought I would share a day in my life.

I get an email. An email that notifies me of mail at POF. I get home and check my POF inbox. There's mail from some guy I haven't corresponded with previously.

Step One: read his profile. Even before I read the email he sent, I want an idea of who sent this. His profile mentions things like, "in search of a family oriented, well educated, fun loving woman..." "I enjoy spending time on Sundays watching football or playing with my kids", blah, blah blah. But what really catches my eye is this line, "if we do not mack good chat and feel it gooding good on the date than it will not work'''' or if we see it all hot,chat is good. than we will go there." Um, what?!?!

Yeah, so being that well-educated woman, I'm a little concerned. I decide that it doesn't matter what his email says, he'll get a polite, "I don't think we're a good match" line.

His email reads, "come to your area on the 15th for my football game. look at my profile and my wecan meet that sat night or not the wab page in in my profile.. hopw you been?"

Yeah, so about that...I send my polite but firm rejection, wondering what on earth I do to deserve this. I get a reply that's more entertaining than the rest of this... "i see that is ok i am dateing 2 woman now full time. got to love a good 3way gf bf gf there moveing in this week. andi have been friend for 10 yr with both of the woman move in work good .. thank you for your time and bye"

Well, now that we got that cleared up...

Hug your spouse. Appreciate the things s/he does even if they drive you nuts sometimes. When you say your prayers tonight be grateful you're not out here in the dating world.



Hillary said...

Oh dear oh dear oh dear... that's scary. I just started up on POF, and I think it's precisely BECAUSE it's free that you get the highest percentage of wackos. This guy is right up there, let me tell you.

Jennifer said...

I am laughing...not at you, but at the responses. I've had some similar emails/responses from people that are looking for a surrogate. I know its not nearly the same thing, but I always flinch when I get them :( How frustrating!!!