Wednesday, April 21, 2010


All his favorites. Forbidden for the next two years. Today, I let him indulge.
Tomorrow the braces come on.


stacy said...

really? chips are on the forbidden list? don't tell J, but my braces-clad boys still eat skittles, too...

compared to his previous dental work, braces will be a cake walk! i hope all goes well!

p.s. have him take ibuprophen BEFORE the ortho!

Katy said...

If the dentist or orthodontist thinks its a good idea, have him use the "brush for 60 seconds before bed" fluoride stuff. I used it for the last year or so before my braces came off (I had them from 2nd through 7th grade, so it took a while for me to really care enough about my appearance to get on board) and while I was still having old braces adhesive popping up at dentist visits into my 20s, I never had the terrible lines across my teeth that they warned me to avoid.

Good luck with the braces!