Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Printed with Permission

Girl: Schools tomorrow! wish you were gonna be there!

Flash: You wish I was gonna be there? Last year you couldn't get rid of me soon enough.

Girl: How was your first day at school?? Yeah I do wish you had been there!! I mean everyone else is totally retarded!! YOUr my bus buddy!! YOur supposed to be there to make me laugh and for me to be maen to when I'm not having a good day!!!!

Flash: Careful; you make is sound as if you actually liked dealing with me.
Besides, there's still four years of High school that you'll have to put up with me.
And you weren't mean; you were funny.

Girl: OOh thanks now i know why when I tell the kids i babysit I'll get upset if they don't do what I tell them they just laugh!!! and I do like dealing with you compared to some of the buffoons at this new school!!!!! and what college are you thinking for your Graduate and undergrad?? I want either NMU or MSU for Undergrad and Cornell University for my Graduate!

Flash: Y'know, you might want to watch what you say about me. You are sounding mighty friendly; I think over the summer you magnified my good traits (humor, wittiness, smarts, etc.) and forgot about my negative traits (aggravating, annoying, boy, etc.) hence making me seem a much better person than I actually am. Not that I'm complaining. Just keep it in mind.

(Mom: I have to say it's a little weird to watch your teen flirt with a girl! He was mad a year or so ago when I said this girl liked him after he announced that she had baked him cinnamon rolls and brought them to school! Now, he blushes when her name is mentioned and seems a little disheartened that he's not at the new middle school with her this year! Budding romance in the house!! But she's at least ambitious - she knows what college she wants to go to as an 8th grader! And she doesn't use text-speak! Is it too soon to be impressed?)

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